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 Reven played with Vila outside, throwing frisbees at her, trying to teach her how to catch. Vila, [the humble bee, clearly not a dog], was distressed by all the disks flying at her face. Benjamyn, on the other hand, decided to take a relaxing bath. He hasn't enjoyed such an occasion in quite a while and decided to treat himself to one on this nice, calm, sunny, day. Everything was perfectly normal until, all of a sudden, everything went still, as if frozen in time, as the two golems were digitally teleported elsewhere.

After spawning, Reven and Ben both stared into the distance, confused.

“Uuh.... what just happened?” Reven blurts.

“I don't know.” Ben replies, then scopes the landscape around him. “Where are we?”

It was then, a giant welcoming title digitally appeared above them.

“Rapsodonia?” They questioned in unison.

“Whoa! Ben! Look at our clothes!” Reven said in excitement as she twirled in her lightweight armor. The theme of her outfit was black spandex and leather straps, fit to her body, along with dragon-themed knight's armor.

Ben looks down at his attire and finds it to be too cluttered for his taste. He had loose-fit armor that was attached with leather straps, excluding his helmet, with metal boots to match. The orange cross-shaped glass that unexplainably hovered over his right eye, where his monocle usually resided, made Ben question its physics.

It wasn't long until a giant transparent blue wall of text appeared in front of both their faces, startling them in the process. It was a scrollable screen of instructions of how to play the game. Still confused, Ben looks up to see what hovered over his head. His name was labeled above him, in green text, with the title 'Player 1' over it. He glanced over to Reven who happen to have the same thing above her head, but with her name, in red, with 'Player 2' over it.

Taking another look at the blue screen in front of him, he figures out where they might be.

“Reven, I think we're in a video game.” He says.

“Really!?” Reven jumps up for joy, then stops in confusion. “What's a video game?”

“Video games are quite new, and I've never seen one before, but only heard rumors about it. I don't know exactly how the mechanics work, but video games are digital games, essentially.”

“Sooo..... how do we get out?”

“If I'm correct, we either have to finish the game or wait for a save spot where we can exit it from there.”

“That doesn't sound too bad. How long will that take?”

“Depends on how long the game is.”

“Well, we've got all day, if not an eternity.” Reven snickered.

Another screen pops up in front of them. It was like watching a play. An evil king was describing his hideous plot to reek havoc over the land and make everyone into his slaves. Anybody who opposed him would suffer a fate worse than death.

Reven was terrified of this though and shuttered.

“Ben! What are we going to do!? The people are in trouble! We're in trouble!”

Ben rolled his eyes and said, “It's just a game. This won't actually effect us. It's a virtual reality where this is just an objective we have to overcome throughout the game. This guy's the one we probably have to defeat to win in the end.”

“Are you sure?” Reven whimpered.

“Yes.” He said, then turned back to the screen.

“Holy knights!” The evil king was referring to all the holy knights of the land, including Ben and Reven. “I expect you do as I say or else....”

Ben sighed impatiently.

The evil king leaned away from the screen to show Vila in a cage being tormented. “... or else your prize possession will be obliterated.”

“VILA!!!!!” The two shouted.

The king continued. “I expect obedience from all of you, as loyal subjects to your king.” He ended the transmission.

“Ben! Vila's in trouble!” Reven said with panic and worry.

“I-It's alright.” Ben tried to reassure himself. “It's just a game. He can't REALLY harm Vila.”

LEVEL ONE.” A lady announced from the heavens.

CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON.” A black box appeared in front of the two with four different objects in it: a small glass rod, a sheet of paper the size of a sticky-note, a small gear, and a rusty nail.

“What kind of weapons are these?” Ben asks.

“Maybe these are what weapons are supposed to look like in video games?” Reven states, almost as if it were a question.

Reven takes the small gear in front of her, and Ben takes the small glass rod. It was then, the black box disappeared with the nail and paper still within it. Another giant title digitally appears above them saying 'A Holy Knight's Journey.' The two stare at the title until it disappears.

“I guess that indicated the game has started.” Ben tells her. “It's only the first level, so the enemies shouldn't be that hard to defeat. At least, I hope I'm right about that.”

It wasn't long until a stampede of cute little monsters came running towards them. They looked like mini red lizzards with a ball-like body. They had two legs, a tail, and no arms. Their mouths took up half their body whenever they opened. They had big adorable eyes and were small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

“Awwww!” Reven said, hypnotized by their cuteness. She leaned down to pick one up.

“Careful Reven, they're still enemies. You don't want them to hit you.” Ben warned.

“But, they're so cute!” She wined. While she wasn't looking, one of the munchkins bit her hand. “Ouch!” She flinched away from the pain.

Reven's whole body flashed red, and a thin green bar under her name shrank a bit.

“Be careful!” Ben said sternly, and went to Reven to pull her away from the pile of monsters. “Wait.” He realized. “Did that hurt?”

“Yeah! Those things bite hard!” Reven replied, still rubbing her injured hand.

“This is bad. I know this is a video game, but I never heard of one involving actual pain. I might have been wrong. But, it doesn't matter. Reven.” He looks at her. “Do your best not to die. If you do happen to die, just know that you have two lives left to spare.”

“Huuuh???” Reven was confused and Ben flung himself into the jumping balls of biting monsters. “Hmmm. Maybe I should read the instructions to get a better understanding of this 'video game.'” Reven opens her 'instructions' screen and slowly reads it. [Reven didn't know how to read, and Ben's been teaching her over the years. She's able to read now, but is very slow].

Ben throws punches and kicks at the monsters, but they took no effect. He already got bit a few times and his life is one-fourth gone already. “Why aren't they taking any damage?” He said in frustration. He ran around in circles to gather the little monsters in one place, and right before he threw another punch, almost all of them digitally exploded.

“W-What just happened?” Ben said, as he blinked in confusion.

Something tiny flew past Ben and headed straight for Reven. Ben went to warn her, but she caught it before he could say anything. She held it next to her face to show that it was the tiny gear she chose from the black box.

“You have to use your weapon, silly!” Reven giggled.

Ben looked at his small glass rod in disgust, not wanting to use it because he felt ridiculous. With the last three remaining monsters, he flicked the stupid rod at them and they all digitally exploded.

“Well... that was anticlimactic.” He said in disappointment.

A giant sign showed up above them again saying “Achievement Unlocked: Trailmix”

They didn't know what that meant. It was then, their weapons started to glow. Reven's gear grew bigger and Ben's rod had a bulb at the end of it, looking like a vase.

"I suspect our weapons upgrade every time we unlock these achievements." Ben said happily.

Reven looks at her gear, comparing it to Ben's. "Why did mine only get bigger, but yours actually changed?"

Ben laughed at her pouting expression.

From here on out, they had to do many tasks and fight many monsters before reaching Vila. Will they ever make it to the final boss? Will the two be able to keep their awesome outfits? And will Mittenz finish this story? Of course I will! Eventually! Next time, on RAPSODONIA!!! : DDDD


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